BookSmart® for Policy System Conversion

Upgrading to modern core systems is a competitive imperative in today’s market. It’s not a matter of if, but when. The safe, accurate migration of your policy data from one system to another is a huge piece of the process. It can cost thousands of man hours and millions of dollars, and still not be optimally done. Until now, P&C carriers have had two poor options for policy conversion software:

  1. An ETL mapping product for straight through processing that inevitably pushes bad data into the new system
  2. A home-grown mapping tool, representing years of arduous and error-prone manpower

To keep pace with your policy renewals with complete, accurate data in the new system, you need both.

BookSmart delivers automated mapping, manual quick fix, and deep P&C insurance content and experience.

Part man, part machine, only insurance = total policy conversion solution.

Manage Multiple Simultaneous Conversions

Easily segment conversion efforts by system, line of business, program, etc.

Work in Bulk

Update thousands of policies at a time adding required values, bumping limits, and adding coverages.

Built in Reports

BookSmart highlights problem data in the aggregate so you can address them before converting.


  • ETL mapping for 80-90% of policies, UI quick fix for remainder
  • P&C product and rules definition
  • ACORD mapping libraries

Impact for Carriers

  • Reduced labor
  • Optimized process
  • Clean, accurate data in new system