BookSmart® for Book Rolls

Book of business transfers… ripe with business opportunity, and the poster child for operational inefficiency. Labor costs and countless technical challenges often prevent carriers from processing these critical transfers efficiently and intelligently–eroding the opportunity.

BookSmart is the first automated solution for processing Book of Business transfers. It is a flexible, scalable solution for book transfers for any line of business from any leading agency system. In addition to eliminating labor-intensive re-keying into company systems from policy declaration pages, BookSmart provides easy, flexible evaluation, editing and reporting on data that resides within the book roll application, improving the accuracy of analysis and overall assessment of the book’s quality. And by analyzing an agent’s entire book of business, BookSmart will allow you to work with agents to develop a plan to write more business and round accounts thereby increasing retention and revenue. Smart.

Manage Multiple Simultaneous Book Rolls

BookSmart takes the complexity out of the book conversion process.

Work in Bulk

No more one-by-one data entry of the policies. BookSmart lets you update thousands at a time adding required values, bumping limits, and adding coverages.

Built in Reports

Understand the quality of the book before you agree to take it on. When it comes time to convert it, see where coverages need to be adjusted to match your programs.


  • Quick, easy book evaluation, editing, reporting
  • Personal and commercial lines support
  • Web-based UI
  • Toolkit-enabled
  • 130+ out-of-the-box reports
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Excel exportable reports
  • ACORD XML-based
  • Multiple data format support
  • Leading agency systems support
  • Analytics at the coverage, policy, and book levels

Impact for Carriers

  • Minimized re-keying
  • Optimized processing accuracy, time
  • Improved underwriting
  • Quick identification of less profitable books/undesirable risks
  • Reduced underwriting/marketing evaluation time
  • Full book of business transparency
  • Formalize book roll workflow
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