Colleen Anne Wells

The Growth of Comparative Rating in Small Commercial: A Phase or the New Personal Lines?

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Apple and orangeI’ve been thinking a lot recently about how quickly the relationship between insurance carriers and independent agents is changing.  (And, no, the irony of insurance and speed in the same concept is not lost on me.) New technologies and buying trends as well as changing market pressures are all playing a role.  The result is more agents stepping onto the digital technology path every day, and carriers and technologists needing to provide them with experiences that live up to their growing expectations. 

Colleen Anne WellsThe Growth of Comparative Rating in Small Commercial: A Phase or the New Personal Lines?
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In Search of the Elusive 10

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Norm Baker, AP’s Chief Architect, clearly excited about making our customers happy

Come on, admit it. Deep down we all want the perfect 10… the recognition that we did the best work possible. At Agencyport, this drive comes into play every time we interact with a customer. It’s a daily goal for each of us to provide as flawless an experience as possible—to provide a product that wows and service to match.

Though we have always kept a close eye on our customers’ experiences with us, two years ago, we decided to institute formal monitoring—leaving nothing to chance. Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) customer loyalty metric we began to measure our performance through our customers’ eyes by having them focus on a simple question: How likely is it that you would recommend Agencyport/Agencyport products/Agencyport service to a friend or colleague?  The premise is self-evident: if our customers like our products and/or doing business with us, they’ll share that experience with others.

Since day one, customer feedback has directly influenced important changes and developments at Agencyport. In the last year alone, we completely revamped our Developer Zone, introduced additional Integration Kits, restructured our sales organization and enhanced our process of staffing projects in professional services all based on survey feedback.

So, while we continue to stalk those perfect 10s, let us know what you think. What are the biggest issues that you’re going to face this year? Where is P&C headed? What should we be working on? How can we make your lives easier? What simple product feature have we overlooked? Your open, honest, critical thinking can help fuel big industry change.
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Colleen Anne WellsIn Search of the Elusive 10
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